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The SoulWeaver Armor is obtainable after completing the Race to the Judgement Wheel, and is available through Tomix at Ravenloss. Shards of the Spirit-loom (currently obtainable from the Random Quests Tomix gives you) are needed to train the class. Also, while in the DragonFable Forums, the designer has said that SpiritLooms are the gauntlets one can see on the user's forearms. The class allows you to use Aegis as a guest. The class weapon changes to the element of your equipped weapon.


DF Soulweaver, Male and Female

Soulweavers, Male & Female

How to Obtain

  1. Step #1: Locate Ravenloss . (Center of Falconreach ---> Down ---> Left --->  Left ---> Up ---> Enter the Portal)
  2. Step #2: Work on the Ravenloss Saga until you reach the Ravenloss War quest, "War!"
  3. Step #3: Watch the two cutscenes "Making Plans"  & "Meeting Vaal".
  4. Step #4: Defeat Greed in Judgement (Wheel) Day.
  5. Step #5: Re-enter the normal version of Ravenloss. (When you leave the Ravenloss War, DO NOT click the "Return to Falconreach" button. Instead, leave through the Ravenloss portal and come back the same way through the portal.)
  6. Step #6: Watch the "Meet Aegis" cutscene.
  7. Step #7: Gather Shards of SpiritLooms from Tomix's random quests. (3 Shards for the armor itself, 14 for all the SoulWeaver class skills; 17 in total.)

Skill Set


                                                               Left Side


Soul Aegis (Aegis)

  • Description: +140 Defense for 2 turns
  • Effect: Increases your defense by 140 for 2 turns.
  • Mana Cost: 15
  • Prerequisites: None
  • Cooldown: 4


Soul Pierce (Pierce)

  • Description: Bonus to Hit!
  • Effect: Single attack dealing 100% damage with bonus to Hit. Unlocks Valour Impact.
  • Mana Cost: 5
  • Prerequisites: Any attack
  • Cooldown: 5


Valour Impact (Impact)

  • Description: Attack! Bonus Crit!
  • Effect: Increases your attack and chance of getting a critical hit. Unlocks Retribution.
  • Mana Cost: 20
  • Prerequisites: Soul Pierce
  • Cooldown: 5


Retribution (Retro)

  • Description: Overkill.
  • Effect: 14-hit attack.
  • Mana Cost: 20
  • Prerequisites: Valour Impact
  • Cooldown: 10


Concentration (Con)

  • Description: Increases Crit
  • Effect: +10 Crit for 3 turns.
  • Mana Cost: 30
  • Prerequisites: None
  • Cooldown: 4



  • Description: Attack and Stun for 3 rounds
  • Effect: Single attack dealing 100% damage and stunning for 3 turns.
  • Mana Cost: 27
  • Prerequisites: None
  • Cooldown: 15

Slash (Sealing)

  • Description: Decrease Dmg for 10 turns
  • Effect: 2-hit combo, dealing 100% damage each attack, inflicts -30% PowerBoost for 10 turns.
  • Mana Cost: 35
  • Prerequisites: None
  • Cooldown: 10

===                                                    Right Side (DA Needed)


Repentance (Repent)

  • Description: Applies a DOT
  • Effect: 10-hit combo, dealing ~12% damage each attack, inflicts a DoT dealing 25% damage per turn for 5 turns.
  • Mana Cost: 40
  • Prerequisites: DA
  • Cooldown: 10



  • Description: Purge all status conditions affecting yourself
  • Effect: Purge all status conditions affecting yourself
  • Mana Cost: 15
  • Prerequisites: DA
  • Cooldown: 5

Soul Slice (Slice)

  • Description: Applies Banishment DOT!
  • Effect: 2-hit combo, dealing 100% damage each attack, annihilates target foe if below 15% health (insta-kill).
  • Mana Cost: 35
  • Prerequisites: DA
  • Cooldown: 5


Soul Burst (Burst)

  • Description: Render a concussive strike on your foe's soul
  • Effect: Attacks once for 100% damage, applies mana burn for 5 turns and occasionally a 3 turn stun.
  • Mana Cost: 25
  • Prerequisites: DA
  • Cooldown: 5


Soul Vacuum (Vacuum)

  • Description: Absorb your foe's very essence!
  • Effect: 2-hit combo, dealing 50% damage each attack, reduces opponents will to fight (-25% PowerBoost) for 4 turns.
  • Mana Cost: 45
  • Prerequisites: DA
  • Cooldown: 10



  • Description: Banish your opponents!
  • Effect: 5-hit attack, each dealing ~80% damage, that hits random opponents.
  • Mana Cost: 35
  • Prerequisites: DA
  • Cooldown: 5


Soul Synch

  • Description: Meditate to charge up a powerful attack
  • Effect: +30% PowerBoost for 3 turns, then gives you Able to Synchronize status for 99 turns; using Soul Synch during this time will unleash a 3-hit combo, dealing 166.66% damage each attack, and remove the Able to Synchronize status.
  • Mana Cost: 35
  • Prerequisites: DA
  • Cooldown: 3

Elemental Weapons on the SoulWeaver Class

TIP: If you are wielding a weapon that has dual elements, there are certain parts of The Hero's body that you must click to change inbetween elements. (AS SHOWN BELOW)

DF SoulWeaver Element Change

Click where it indicates to change elements on a dual-element wielding weapon.

Battle Strategies                                                                                       

Vs. 1...

  1. Soul Synch ---> Banishment ---> Slash ---> Soul Synch
  2. Banishment ---> Slash

Vs. 2...

  1. Soul Synch (For 30% Bonus)---> Banishment ---> Slice (On survivors) ---> Slash (On any survivor)
  2. Banishment ---> Repentance ---> Slice ---> Slash

'​'Vs. Boss...

  1. Enslave  ---> Soul Synch ---> Banishment ---> Slash
  2. Vaccum (Gives Opponent -55% Bonus) ---> Soul Synch ---> Burst ---> Vaccum ---> Banishment ---> Soul Synch ---> Soul Pierce ---> Valour Impact ---> Retribution ---> Soul Synch ---> Banishment

List of Matching SoulWeaver Equipment


  1. Burnt Flare Imp Hat
  2. Death's (Dragon) Cowl
  3. (Embodiment of) Might Helm
  4. (Embodiment of) Perception Helm
  5. (Embodiment of) Will Helm
  6. (Shining) Halo of Seasons
  7. SoulWeaver Hood
  8. Weaver Cowl


  1. Death's (Dour) Mantle
  2. Lion's Pelt Cape
  3. Weaver Cloak
  4. Weaver Wrap-Around


  • Some Soul Claws (Wind, Water, Energy and Poison ) have an animation.
  • It seems that the SoulWeaver class depends heavily on mana as many of the skills use up a large amount of mana when initiated.
  • Like most classes, to unlock the right-side moves, one must purchase a Dragon Amulet.
  • The SoulWeaver wields the Soul Claws by default.
  • It has been confirmed that any attack unlocks "Soul Pierce".
  • You need 17 Shard of the Spirit-Looms to finish the armor. 3 to unlock it, one for each skill.
  • The SoulWeaver class is one of the strongest. Usually dealing around 300-500 damage, if using a doom or destiny weapon.
  • "Banishment", "Retribution" and "Soul Synch" are the strongest attacks for SoulWeaver.
  • Purge may skip a turn, but it is VERY useful. Example: If a rogue poisons you, use the Purge skill and it will take off the poison effect.
  • Fully train this class to earn the "SoulWeaver" Badge.
  • Soul Slice and Soul Burst have a good critical chance with an estimate of 80%.
  • Aegis is the strongest Guest you can get in DragonFable.
  • The skill "Soul Slice" will instantly kill your opponent if it has 15% of it's health left.
  • If the Weapon used is Dual Elemental, you will have to click a specific part of the hero's body in order to change the appearance of the Soul CLaw according to the alternative element.

Glitch: There is a way to 'lock' the claw design by using the SoulWeaver hood from Murk:

  1. Equip the Soulweaver Hood from Murk and the desired weapon.
  2. Go to the Armor Paint Room.
  3. Change the trim on the armor.
  4. Click 'Cancel'.
  5. Effect: Your hair will be black and your claws will remain the element that was equipped prior to the change.

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