Spider Slayer Dagger III
Level: 20
Location: Defender's Shop
Price: Spider Slayer Dagger I + 8 Bags of Spider Cents
Sellback: 50 Gold
Element: Metal
Attack Type: Pierce, Metal
Damage: 36-44
Bonus: Crit+3
Rarity: 5
This magical dagger is the bane of bugs everywhere. When it senses a bug as its target, it transforms into a bug crushing knife of destruction and deals extra damage.


Special Name: Spider Slayer Mode

Special Activation: Bug-type enemies

Special Damage: 150% damage

Special Element: Metal


Although this weapon is not classified as a rare weapon, it is considered as one. Its counterpart, the Spider Slayer Dagger (which is rare), is required to create this weapon. This item is not attainable today.

Spider Slayer Dagger List

Below is a list of currently founded Spider Slayer Daggers. Click below to see its effects!

Spider Slayer Dagger I

Spider Slayer Dagger II

Spider Slayer Dagger III

Spider Slayer Dagger IV

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