The Locker

Town entrance.

Far beneath the waves of Falconreach Bay, The Locker is a town built from the remains of a ship graveyard.

Quests Available

Aquella Random

Water Orb Saga





Aquella: Another surface dweller? Can’t you stay on land? Why do you have to keep invading my home?

Aquella: You litter the sea floor with your broken ships…barrels, ropes, bones thrown overboard
Aquella: Turning my beautiful sea floor into this!
Aquella: And now, through some no doubt insidious magic…you can breathe underwater!
Aquella: More and more of you humans keep coming down here…and now you gather your broken ships together and make a town!
Aquella: “The Locker” is not a welcome sight and if I ever get my staff back I’ll sweep it back to where it came from!

Aquella: It’s lost
Aquella: One day I’ll find it though…
Aquella: …and I’ll sweep the sea clean of all the surface pollution
Aquella: So, if I were you I’d leave before I find my staff

Aquella: Do you really think I would trust someone from the surface?

The Locker Marketplace

Harry: Harry bobs and blurbles at you.

Edy: Shineys?

Thatch: Looking for a fishy friend?

Two-Eyed Jack: ‘Ey there, <Class Title>. I got some lovely weapons…guaranteed not to rust!


  • The Quest Chest replaces Aquella after completion of Pirate Attack, and leaves after completion of Rescue!
  • Kathool Adept Armor is the original theme for the Water Orb Saga.