Dragon Amulet
This article contains information about an item or quest that is only available to players who have upgraded their characters and received a Dragon Amulet.
Togrider General
Level: 35
Price: Togrider Lieutenant + 25 Defender's Medals
Sellback: 10 Gold
Location: Defender's Shop
Damage: 15-20
Element: Nature
Bonuses: None
Rarity: 5
Attack 1: Runs up to the enemy and tows a spear for one hit of melee damage.
Attack 2: None
General Sneevord the Third was put in charge by his King to command the entire army of togriders. He is not ready to let his glory days fade away, so has decided to stay with you. This pet requires a Dragon Amulet.


Has a chance to inflict the status "wound" that deals 5-10 dmg every turn, lasts for 10 turns.

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