"Let's Save Lore!" ―Twilly
Twilly the Moglin
Race: Moglin
Gender: Male
Appears in: The Dragon Egg Saga, The Orb Saga, Final 13th Saga
Location: Falconreach,

Twilly is the main character of Falconreach, he is a moglin with magic special abillities and a major role in the story, as part of Dragon Egg Saga.


Twilly is a main character in the saga, he first appears in the Introduction, that appears with Lady Celestia and asks the hero to help them to get to Falconreach.

After thatT, he first asks to you go to find Robina the Hood and later he asks to go after Valencia, the treasure Hunter, then the Egg is stolen by a giant Vultragon, after that, you got 5 eggs and Warlic summons the Doomkitten to reveal real egg, then it's placed on a cave and finally the egg hatches.

Shops owned

Punt Twilly Shop

Note: This shop requires a password available when completing Artix Entertainment Moglin Punter mini-game. The code is kthxHat!

Involvement in Quests


  • He is the main moglin
  • He is enemy of Zorbak for unknown subjects.

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