Undead Assault
Location: Falconreach (formerly known as Testopia) -> Undead Assault -> To Battle!, War Memorial -> Undead Assault -> To War!
Chain: N/A
Next: And So It Began...
Undead Assault

The War Meter.

  • Release Date: May 28th, 2006 Jan 1st, 2010
  • Objective: DragonFable's very first war!
  • Objective completed: And so it began...
  • Scaled Yes/No: No


  • Wave 1: (5) Slime, (7) Deadwood, (3) Skeletal Minion, (1) Flying Eyeball
  • Wave 2: (10) Slime, (1) Deadwood, (3) Skeletal Minion, (1) Flying Eyeball
  • Wave 3: (8) Slime, (1) Deadwood, (1) Skeletal Minion, (3) Flying Eyeball
  • Wave 4: (6) Deadwood, (5) Skeletal Minion
  • Joke Wave: (1) Slime "Oh my... is it your unlucky day."



Old Man Grizzleguts says, "There is a strange red glow in the sky. Rumors are spreading faster than peanut butter and jelly on my sandwich... Mmm... peanut butter. Dangit! Now I am hungry. Undead? Oh... right, villagers have spotted flying eyeballs which seem to be acting as scouts and spys for this advancing army. Trees are uprooting themselves and lumbering towards town! The footsteps of the skeletal forces are posioning the ground causing bubbles of menacing slime to appear! They will reach town soon!"

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