Willowshire under attack by Gorgok.

Hidden in the mountains to the North-East, Willowshire is well-protected town with a BIG problem. A big, flying, fire-breathing problem.

  • Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Slay Gorgok!
  • Release Date: August 27th, 2010

Quests Available



Fortuna Thanks

Willowshire Thanks




Guardian: Be ever vigilant, <Class>. Although it seems calm, the Dravir lurk amongst the darkness.

Quest Guardian: <Character Name>, just in time! I need your help! Guardian: I just received word that Bargok has finally been trapped! That beast has been terrorizing our livestock while Gorgok lays waste to the town. Guardian: You have to help take him down! For the safety of houses everywhere!

Quest - Takes you to Dragon Trap! quest.

Ulero: Be on your guard, this area is not safe. Unless you've brought supplies or reinforcements, you shouldn't be here.

Talk Ulero: We are holding the line. They will NOT claim Willowshire! Ulero: The Dravir. They have seized the Northwest half of the city. Ever since that cursed dragon...

The Dravir Ulero: I wish I knew, adventurer. I wish I knew. They are a fierce race.. Whatever their motives, we must not let them have their way.

Can I help? Ulero: Talk to Guardian Fortuna, she should be in her quarters. She will know what you can do to help.

Battle On! Ulero: BATTLE ON!! Guardians: BATTLE ON!! Guardians: BATTLE ON!! Guardians: BATTLE ON!!

Guardian 1: Woot! Let's kick some Dravir-butt! Guardian 2: Hey, watch your language. Kids play this gam-, er, *cough* uh, I mean there are kids running around! Guardian 1: Kids? Where? This is the battle front, if there are kids here we've got more to worse trouble. Guardian 2: ... Guardian 1: ... Guardian 1: Butt.

Willowshire (Main)

Guardian: Welcome to Willowshire... what's left of it. Guardian: We are battling to save what remains. The people here, they are hungry and afraid.. however they are determined to survive.

Be strong! Guardian: It is our duty to uphold justice and to protect the weak. We will prevail!

The town is gone Guardian: We... We must protect them. They needs us. Guardian: We have fortified our defenses, they stand a better chance if they remain here.

Jibbley's Junk

Jibbley: Want to buy something?

Talk <Character>: What kind of stuff do you sell here? Jibbley: Whatever I can. I'm a scavenger, I've been picking through the ruins to help supply the Guardians and townsfolk. <Character>: So you just found this stuff lying around. Jibbley: Yup. An <Class> like you would have no fear running in and out of town, but for anyone else it's dangerous with the Dravir around. Jibbley: So I'm stuck. I can't run to Falconreach and Moonridge for supplies so I'm searching the ruins for junk people can use. <Character>: Junk? Jibbley: Well.. Not junk per se... More like refurbished, USEFUL junk. <Character>: ... But still junk though. Jibbley: Look. No complaining about the merchandise, bub. Jibbley: I'm not gonna dance the jig just to get you to buy something. Don't waste my time.

Shop - Opens Jibbley's Junk shop.

The Villagers

Villager1: The Dravir are too many! We must flee Willowshire! Villager2: The Guardians are here, they will protect us. Villager3: The Guardians are too few, and the battle moves closer and closer to my house every day! Villager4: Friend, I understand that you fear for your family. But if we flee, we will be defenseless on the roads. Villager4: If the Dravir are here to exterminate us, we would not stand a chance! Villager1: They don't care about us! If we leave they will stay and continue whatever it is they are doing. Villager1: We should get out of their way! Villager2: It's too risky. I would rather stay and fight! Villager3: Yes... perhaps that is best. Villager1: No, we should run before it's too late! Villager3: No, they are right. If we leave, we will surely die. Villager1: I... I just. I just want my children to be safe. I trust you, if you think we are safer here then I will stay as well. Villager4: We must stay and help the Guardians however we can. They are risking their lives for our safety. Villager3: Yes. I will gather a group. No more will we hide, we must hold our ground. Villager3: One day, we will tell our grandchildren about our victory over the Dravir!

Guardian with Sozo

Sozo: Put together a team and sweep the city for Dravir. We must be sure the people are kept safe. Guardian: Aye. Willowshire will sleep well tonight. Sozo: Make it so. I am heading back to the bridge.

  • Rides off towards the entrance*

Road to Tower

Orvin: Sorry friend, the Guardian tower is not safe at the moment. If you want to go in you'll have to talk to Guardian Fortuna. Orvin: The Dravir are relentless.. We need to start gaining ground or I fear we may lose more than we are wiling to part with.


Ina: ...

Talk Ina: The library has been destroyed. All the books within have been ruined by war and fire. Ina: All except one. How unfortunate.

Which one? Ina: Just some nonsense gossip thing. Hardly worth keeping... Why, want to read it?

Yes - Opens "Gossip Ga-Lore!" book.

No Ina: Heh.. can't blame you.


Andazoth: Our house was spared! Thank you for fighting for our town! Andazoth: I apologize, but I have nothing to honor your bravery.. But please.. understand that I am eternally grateful. Villager: Oh.. but what about- Andazoth: That's right! Yes, please accept this gift. Andazoth: This necklace has been handed down through my family for generations, it is a precious heirloom to me, but I want you to have it. Andazoth: I won't take no for an answer, either. Thank you, hero!

Alright. - Opens Willowshire Thanks shop.

Alley Before Tent

Kolanor: There is not much left, but we will rebuild. Thank you, <Character Name.>

Lexalia: Come on Sazalea. We can do this. We'll return Willowshire to its former glory one step at a time!

Guardian Fortuna's Tent

Guardian Fortuna: Hail, <Character Name.> The Dragon's army has been driven back, thanks to you. But there is still work to be done...

Talk Guardian Fortuna: Gorgok was defeated and most of the town was saved! It's unbelievable that you beat him. Guardian Fortuna: Even though the Dravir continue besiege the town I will continue to fight for Willowshire. Guardian Fortuna: I will not rest until the town has been retaken and the Green Dragon's minions Guardian Fortuna: I will not rest until the town is ours once again!

Dravir Siege! - Takes you to Willowshire Burns! quest.

Back - Takes you back to beginning dialogue.

The Dravir? Guardian Fortuna: After Gorgok's last defeat it flew away while its Dravir kept attacking anyone they could find. Guardian Fortuna: They burned our fields and our homes and set up a camp in our old town square. Most of the survivors went into hiding. Guardian Fortuna: Those of us who refused to run set up a resistance movement. Guardian Fortuna: We've been holding out for King Alteon to send us reinforcements but the Dravir have stopped every messenger that we have sent to Swordhaven. Guardian Fortuna: It took some time but we discovered that Gorgok was in a healing sleep in the hills near here. Guardian Fortuna: The dragon is heavily guarded by Dravir while it sleeps... not that we could hope to kill it even in its sleep. Guardian Fortuna: We heard that you were showing up and the Priestess sent us a magic message telling us about you and your Dragon, <Dragon Name>. Guardian Fortuna: Her magic must be too subtle or too strong for the Dravir to block her messages to us. Guardian Fortuna: We believe that you have the power to defeat Gorgok or at least put it back into its healing coma. Will you help us?

Gorgok? - Takes you back to Gorgok? dialogue.

Back - Takes you back to beginning dialogue.

Gorgok? Guardian Fortuna: I hoped that I would never see the day, but Gorgok has returned. Guardian Fortuna: We've been trying to rebuild since the dragon's first attack but the Dravir that it controls destroy things as fast as we can build them. Guardian Fortuna: Its wounds from the last battle have healed. It has grown too strong for an average hero or even a guardian to defeat... Guardian Fortuna: ...and it is preparing to finish Willowshire off with its renewed strength. Guardian Fortuna: We will never find peace until Gorgok is destroyed! Guardian Fortuna: It will be a hard fight but even if you don't finish Gorgok, any small defeat will cause the Dravir to fall back. Guardian Fortuna: That will give us some hope of taking our town and our Guardian Tower back! Will you help us?

Battle Gorgok! - Takes you to Gorgok Returns! quest.

Run Away! - Takes you back to Falconreach's Portal.

Back - Takes you back to beginning dialogue.


Guardian Tower? Guardian Fortuna: Gorgok may have been defeated but he still lives. Many of his minions rushed into the Guardian Tower during the battle. Guardian Fortuna: Whatever they're after must still be down there... and maybe they haven't found it yet. Guardian Fortuna: I hate to ask you this after all you've done for us already... but I think you're the only one who can get this job done... Guardian Fortuna: Please <Character Name>, Go into our Guardian Tower and find what those Dravirs are after before they get it. Who knows what could happen if they get it first!

To The Tower! - Takes you to Race To the KeyGems quest.

Back - Takes you back to beginning dialogue.

How can I help? Guardian Fortuna: Fight with us, <Character Name>. With your help we may take back more of the town.

Thank you! Guardian Fortuna: Thank you, <Character Name>. Even though the Earth Orb is lost, we still have our town. Guardian Fortuna: Lord Valorus worked hard with our weaponsmith to craft these special weapons in thanks.

Earth Weapons! - Opens Fortuna Thanks shop.

Back - Takes you back to beginning dialogue.

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