"Then everyone who laughed at me will know how powerful I truely am. Zadd, the Golemancer, will show them all!"
Zadd the Golem Builder
Race: Human
Gender: None
Affiliation: The Rose (Book 3)
Appears in: Frostval Saga
Location: Zadd's Lair (Book 1)

Zadd the Golemancer is the main villain of the fourth chapter of Frostval: "Frosty Reception". He kidnapped moglins from the entire world, not just from Frostvale. He crafts golems of all kinds. He does a very poor job, since many of them just .... break, or melt. He wanted to use the the power of moglin hugs, a much more better energy source than his previous experiments (silk hats and elemental button noses) but many of his plans didn't work. He tried to hug Twilly, squeeze Chilly using a massaging machine and gorrilaphant. After many attempts, he was actually able to take the power of hugs by squeezing the moglins from using his machine, the Moglin Juicer #9, and by doing so he was able to power up his golems.

He had an awful childhood, as he was always a more villain type, but all his friends were heroes. He wanted that his parents to be villains as well. He believes that his golems are always right, and that they are his friends. Using Zorbak's hugs, he created the Frostenstein, a super powered necromatic golem . Since Zorbak's power was too much for the machine to handle , it created an Ice Dragon Golem from Zadd's Lair. In the end, Zadd is also affected by Zorbak's necromantic powers ....

He returned the next year as the main villain of the fifth chapter of Frostval: "Frosty Reception", which is a continuation of the fourth chapter. He kidnapped the moglins again and forced them to work at his toy factory, and used Icemaster Yeti to power it up. He created an army of toy golems. But the hero organized a strike and freeing the workers while defeating the Plushies.


  1. There's Something About Twilly...
  2. In the Mountains....
  3. We're Gonna Need More Fire...
  4. The Factory
  5. STRIKE!
  6. Plushie Fury
  7. Facing Z
  8. InspecZion


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